Everyone, yes
everyone, is welcome!

We are a welcoming, affirming, diverse congregation of students, children, youth, and adults.  We are Baptist in history and progressive in our theology.  We partner with sister Baptist churches around the world through the Alliance of Baptists.  If you are looking for community where all are welcome to worship and serve God, we are here for you!  

Sunday Worship at 11am

To worship something or someone is to ascribe worth to the object or person. When we take time to worship God, we are saying God is worthy of our time and attention. Worship reminds us that God is more than we can comprehend, and yet right beside us present at all times. We can worship God anywhere and at anytime, with a group of people, or by ourselves. Setting aside a regular time to worship God keeps our hearts focused.

Worshipping within a community of faith encourages, challenges, and leads us in ways we would have never imagined. You can sing a song of praise to God by yourself. You can read scripture and pray alone. But how much more full is the music when it is sung with others. How much depth can be found in the scriptures when studied with others. And how much more encouraging it is to voice our prayers and petitions to God with one another.

We hope that you will come worship God with us Sunday mornings at 11 am.