Cullowhee Baptist Church

Join us on Sunday mornings for Youth Sunday School
with Elizabeth Vickery and
AJ Hawkins at 10am

Upcoming Events

Youth Group takes place on Wednesdays at 6pm. Join us for dinner at 5:30pm in the Fellowship Hall
(students eat free!) then join us for youth group afterwards!

April 3:     Youth cook Wednesday meal for church family; arrive 3:30pm
April 14:   Mission Project: Youth help with Easter Egg Hunt
April 17:   Passover Remembrance Meal
April 18:   Easter special event: soup, gospel reading, communion at 6:00 pm
April 19:   Easter prayer / meditation at the cross at noon
April 21:   Easter sunrise service and breakfast
May 3-5:  Weekend youth trip camping retreat at Neddy Mountain/Panthertown
May 29:   Church picnic at 5:30pm
Summer:  June or July mission trip at Passport Camp, Greensboro, NC

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Schedule -
CBC Event Calendar

For Parents - Parent Permission/Medical Release Form    Additional Information: Contact Church Office

Youth Group Ground Rules:
CHRISTIAN in every conversation, contact, mission, activity, event, movie encounter, trip, song, worship
FUN is "Rule #1" - We will have fun together!
RESPECT for one another, adult volunteers, visitors and others
OPEN, WELCOMING, AFFIRMING to everyone ... and everyone means everyone
ACCOUNTABLE by sticking to sensible and intentional policies about adults and youth interactions