Cullowhee Baptist Church

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CBC's Church Covenant
Historic Baptist Beliefs

Join Our Family

Our church welcomes anyone who desires to unite with our fellowship in the pilgrimage of following Jesus Christ in today’s world. We encourage anyone who comes to become involved in the ministry of Jesus Christ in the life of our church and in the life of the community. Persons are received into our membership through the following ways:

    •     For those who have never been baptized:  profession of faith in Jesus Christ followed by baptism. 
            Our church family practices baptism by immersion if possible. We have a baptistry in our sanctuary
            or you may desire to be baptized in the river.

    •     For those who have been members of another Christian church: transfer of church membership or
            a statement
    from you of a previous profession of faith followed by baptism.  Our church family
            practices an immersion baptism, but honors baptisms from other Christian traditions when
            transferring membership. 

    •    For those who desire to be a part of our church fellowship, but would like to retain their church
            membership back home: watchcare membership.  An option if you are a college student
            or temporary resident living in our community.    

    For more information, please contact our pastors, Tonya or Jeffrey by email or call the church office at 828.293.9024 to talk with them directly.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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